Tropical Bed Bugs Are Back In Florida

Tropical bed bugs in Florida are backBeside the extreme drought there is a new problem in the state of Florida

Tropical bed bugs that were gone for over 60 years are back.
Although many people might think this is not much of an issue they are wrong.
These tropical bed bugs can cause some bad harm and the worst thing is that they spread real fast.

They can only be killed through an pest control service in Florida that has experience with this kind of pest control.

How can you recognize the tropical bed bug?
They are not easy to find so it is also hard to recognize them. They are light brown and have a little molted skin. The tropical bed bug is not really different than the regular bed bugs.
They both feed of human blood during the night and can cause an itchy feeling and sometimes blisters.

The rapid spreading of these bugs can be explained with the fact that as long as people move around like from hotel to hotel the spreading is just a fact.

In the state of Florida the conditions for these tropical bed bugs are the right ones for them to spread.
With Florida being a state with a lot of visitors and people moving around there is a real potential for them to spread and invest other homes, hotels and dwellings.

These bed bugs live of human blood and this can besides an itchy feeling and a blistery reaction also cause a feeling of fear and sleeplessness because people are afraid that they will get bitten at night while sleeping.

There are a few things you can do when you are arriving in a hotel to check on the tropical bed bug.
If you first lift up the mattress and look under them to check around the edges of the mattress and the box spring and then do the same for the head and foot boards, you can probably locate them.

There are videos to show you how to inspect your bed for bedbugs and this is a very good one.

Just to be on the safe side do not put any clothes in the hotel drawers. Keep them in your suitcase. If you have dirty close store them in a plastic bag to prevent bed bugs from getting in there and spread by doing so.

Tropical Bed bugs are back in Florida

The major problems with bed bug is that they spread so easily trough clothes, suitcases, second hand furniture and bedding.
Although it is not known that they spread any diseases it is still very annoying and considered a pest.

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