Mosquito Control

Different species of mosquitoes live in the United States. These are often annoying in the summer because the females can stab people. They have to suck blood to bring their eggs to maturity. No matter how well you protect yourself against mosquitoes, there is always one that knows how to bite.

The mosquitoes that cause us a lot of nuisance do not spread diseases, but the irritation caused by mosquito bites is often no less, especially in children. Mosquitoes are known for the buzzing in your ears and the itchy, red, bumps that leave their bites. There are thousands of species of mosquitoes that bite. The mosquito that is most in the news is the malaria mosquito. Fortunately this species does not occur in the united states.

The tiger mosquito also regularly appears in the news and is very dangerous. This species is sometimes found in America and comes with car tires or bamboo plants. Mosquitoes love warm, humid weather and there must be standing water nearby. All types of mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water, for some species a small layer of water is enough. Even in a shallow puddle after a rain shower, a mosquito can lay its eggs. A female lays 100 or more eggs. The larvae hatching from these eggs breathe through a breathing tube that flows into the air at the surface of the water. They can therefore live well in highly polluted and low-oxygen water.

If the larvae are disturbed, they flee to the depths, but have to return to the surface of the water after some time to breathe. Mosquitoes are therefore mainly found in wetlands but also in buildings where water is standing still, for example in the crawl space. The females of some species also spend the winter in buildings.

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