Termite Control

Of all the countless insects, rodents, reptiles and other pests that cause discomfort to homeowners around the world, none is as dangerous as the termite. Only termites can completely destroy the foundation and character of your house in just a few years. You may not even notice the devastating work of the termites in the first five years. However, it may already be too late. Your house is probably the largest and most important purchase you have made in your life. That is why it is necessary to take the right steps to protect your house against termites, and to eradicate them immediately if they have already entered your house.

Termites cause huge damage to houses and gardens. But even books are not safe. Houses can simply collapse after the girders have been eroded by termite corridors. In several countries, residential areas have become uninhabitable due to these termite plagues. There are two strategies to combat termites: Treat the soil around a house with a liquid so that termites cannot dig corridors. Another method is giving poisoned bait.

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